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If you run a small or medium-sized business and are looking for ways to make better use of technology, let's chat.


We manage digital service operations so you can focus on your business.

Afomi helps small and medium-sized businesses establish good technical foundations to support a focused digital strategy. Services include: web application design and development, systems integration and automation, data reporting, organizational design, and service design.

Ryan Wold

Technical Director

Andria Wold

Account Director


Afomi focuses on functional, content-driven websites. Brochure-ware was for the 2000's. Today, people want to acquire information or accomplish specific tasks when interacting with business services online. And they want a mobile friendly experience. Give customers what they want.

Technology is a tool, and we can help you put it to good use. We approach software and the internet as tools to help your business accomplish its goals. Being online isn't enough. Be online with intent and a focus on your customers.

We can help your systems talk to each other. We've done work including API integrations, data migrations, data pipelining, and ETL. Visual systems documentation is something we particularly enjoy assisting with, because a systems map serves to get everybody on the same page.

People buy online. We can help you sell online. Pay tuition online. Register for a municipal lottery online. Sell t-shirts online. Sell digital goods. Transact with bitcoin. We've done these things, and we can help you do this too.

Make your digital presence meaningful.

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