Nag Design Notes

My workflow typically starts off like this:

  • write an idea down on a piece of paper
  • or jot it into an email into myself

Coming back to these entries in a different context, I'm faced with putting it back into context.

What kind of entry is it? At what stage is it? Does it need to be incremented forward? If so, what is the goal?

  • An idea?
  • A draft of a blogpost?
  • A final version of a blogpost?
  • A personal note?
  • A code note?

About Afomi

Afomi is the digital sandbox of Ryan Wold, who is always evolving this to better share inspirations and aspirations.

About Ryan

Ryan is a systems-thinking Product Developer and Designer who practices agile, test-driven, and lean continuous software delivery, while solving problems with people.