Personal Technologies

Here's a list of concepts, philosophies, and methodologies I use from time to time.

  • GTD - a personal framework for self-organization
  • Kanban - a way for individuals or groups to organize information flow
  • Holacracy - a way to structure flat, collaborative organizations
  • Stickies - concise, flexible canvas to write, share, and interact with
  • Whiteboard - a decent drawing surface
  • Process Mapping / Journey Mapping / Workflow Diagramming - tools that model higher-level thinking that influences product and/or service design

About Afomi

Afomi is the digital sandbox of Ryan Wold, who is always evolving this to better share inspirations and aspirations.

About Ryan

Ryan is a systems-thinking Product Developer and Designer who practices agile, test-driven, and lean continuous software delivery, while solving problems with people.