This Site is Made With

Some notes on what this site is built with.

  • Ruby 2.3.2
  • Rails 4.2.x
  • Playing with lots of javascript:
    • D3.js
    • Three.js
    • Ember.js
    • Snap.svg
  • Many APIs:
    • GitHub
    • Google
    • Goodreads
    • Amazon
    • SF Muni (511)
    • Uber
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • Visually:
    • Bootstrap
    • based on a Themeforest template

I'm grateful to open source projects and the people who contribute to them. Thank you for sharing.


A figment of

Afomi is the digital sandbox of Ryan Wold. This site, like myself, is a work in progress. I am always evolving it to better share my inspirations and aspirations.


Ryan is a systems-thinking Product Developer and Designer who practices agile, test-driven, and lean software delivery, while solving problems with people.